About The Milk River Company

At The Milk River Company, we believe that well-built, functional, and unique structures are born from collaboration among caring, capable people.

The Milk River Company is a team of knowledgeable, talented professionals who are committed to providing conscientious service and delivering superior products.

Owner Collin Phillips was born in Texas, where he spent his early years piecing things together, first with Lincoln Logs, later with larger materials that became one-of-a-kind homing pigeon coops, forts, and tree houses.  After years of travel and assorted pursuits (commercial fishing, radio announcing, playing music, carpentry, getting college degrees, walking from Port Isabelle, Texas to Canada, and producing documentary and feature films) Collin returned to Texas, where he began building and renovating some of Austin’s distinct residential and commercial structures.  He surrounds himself with interesting and talented craftspeople, architects, and subcontractors during working hours and enjoys the rest of his time with his amazing wife and two beautiful and well-built children.